Enhancing Vegetable Production in Punjab

The main objective of this project is to enhance the year around supply of essential vegetables on sustainable and affordable prices throughout the Punjab province by promoting vegetable cultivation, reduction in post-harvest loses, and value addition, with all means i.e. open field vegetable, tunnel technology, promotion of kitchen gardening, training of farmers regarding pre and post-harvest techniques and value addition practices to make the province self-sufficient in vegetables. Under this project, 96 seminars, 2160 Farmer Days, 1035 open field, 1125 walk in tunnel demonstration, 24 vegetable clusters, 23 trading platforms on 50% cost sharing basis, and 69000 plastic bucket banks for provision of buckets on 80-20% cost sharing basis were provided. As well as 4 kg tomato, 1050 kg onion, 5000 kg chillies, 136000 kg garlic and 120000 kg pre- basic seed were produced. 78000 kg tomato, 8820000 kg onion, 1020000 kg chillies seedlings were produced by VRI Faisalabad. 12600 kg onion, 1530000 kg and 1350000 kg potato seed were multiplied by PSC from 2013-14 to 2016-17.

Duration: 4 Years (January 2014 to July 2017)

Cost: 410.87 Million PKR

Targets Achieved 

The targets achieved after completion of this project are:

  • Physical progress for the year 2013-14 is 97 open field demo plot, 2014-15 is 312, 2015-16 is 312, and 2016-17 is 312 
  • Physical progress of the tunnel demo laid out for the year 2014-15 is 373, 2015-16 is 372, and 2016-17 is 365 
  • Physical progress of the conducted of farmer days for the year 2013-14 is 94, 2014-15 is 673, 2015-16 is 670, and 2016-17 is 664 in project districts
  • 13681 Farmer's Trainings arranged for creating awareness amongst the farming community for enhancing of vegetable
  • 87 seminars were arranged in project district
  • 10,000 copies of printed literature in shape of broacher got printed and distributed amongst farmers through DDAs/HOAs (Ext.) of project districts 
  • Sale of 3,66,400 Kitchen Gardening Seed Kits completed
  • Total production and sale of 970000 seedlings of tomato, 9000000 of onion, and 1080000 of Chillies have been completed, sufficient quantity of vegetable seed of onion, garlic and potato were provided to farmers on cheaper rates through Punjab Seed Corporation
  • 62083 Plastic Buckets Distribution among the vegetable growers
  • 70 publicity through electronic media  awareness amongst the farming community