Extension Services 2.0 – Farmers Facilitation through Modernized Extension

  • Gestation Period/Duration: 1-7-15 to 30-6-2020
  •  Cost (million):       4104.739
  • Allocation in 2019-20 (million): 500

Physical Activities/Targets

  1. Technologically transform the agriculture sector in Punjab by increasing crop productivity, expanding area under cultivation and optimizing the crop mix 
  2. Reach out to millions of farmers across Punjab with localized and specific information and dispense advice to improve crop productivity. With the aid of technology
  3. Establishment of call center, supported by a panel of experts, to enable farming community to get technical support and advisory according to their local conditions
  4. Integration with Pakistan Meteorological Department for Accurate, area specific and prompt weather information for agriculture related activities
  5. Integration with “Agriculture Marketing Information System” (AMIS) for daily rates of agriculture commodities in local markets
  6. Integration with irrigation department for providing information to farmers for canal closure schedule of local canals in Punjab
  7. Registration of farmers using “Mobile App” and recording of basic farming data 
  8. GPS based quality Soil Sampling based on 10-acre grids – Over 2.8 million samples to be taken 
  9. Preparation of soil health cards to farmers and issuing customized Fertilizer recommendations for five major crops 
  10. Digitization of village maps in the Province and marking of farm boundaries on digitized maps using Mobile App
  11. Establishment of a Tier III compliant data center that will act as fully centralized information repository for supporting famers and field staff
  12. Strengthening of existing soil Fertility & soil Survey laboratories by providing modern equipment and software 
  13. Survey of experimental sites for identification, description and classification of soil series.
  14. soil characterization and land suitability assessment for agricultural purpose in the form of reports and maps
  15. Strengthening of Agriculture extension activities by: -
  • Capacity building of extension agents through technological trainings, connection with agri. experts, mega scale information availability (24/7) through portal
  • Provision of missing facilities
    • Transportation: vehicles and motorcycles
    • Technology: laptops, tablets, video conferencing, multimedia projectors
    • Tools: soil sampling kits, pesticide and fertilizer sampling kits, purchase of plant clinic material 
    • Proper work wear: uniform for field assistants

Expected Outcomes:

The project will: -
  1. Enable the Agriculture Department to reach out to millions of farmers across Punjab 
  2. Generate localized and specific information according to soil conditions and dispense advice to farmers to improve crop productivity
  3. Enable work force with the aid of technology, to attend many more farmer inquiries more effectively, efficiently & consistently
  4. Develop GIS based soil fertility and suitability maps across Province
  5. Strengthen soil fertility and soil survey of Punjab labs across Punjab 
  6. Strengthen “Extension Services” by providing missing facilities
  7. Enable farmers to interact with crop specialists through call center
  8. Facilitate registration of farmers and farm attributes

Contact details of Focal Person of the project

Dr. Zahoor-Ul-Hassan
Manager Operations
Ph #. 042-99026000