Phase I

Phase II

Duration: 1st Jan - 15th Feb

Points of Emphasis

  • Uprooting of cotton sticks, its disposal and grazing by sheep. Ploughing of unploughed cotton fields
Duration: 16th Feb - Apr

Points of Emphasis

  • Cotton agronomy, pest management

Phase III

Phase IV

Duration: 16th Apr - 31st May

Points of Emphasis

  • Cotton Agronomy
  • Varieties 
  • Seed Treatment Seed Rate 
  • Weed Control Thinning
  • Irrigation
  • Fertilizer
Duration: 1st Jun - 15th Jul

Points of Emphasis

  • Identification of Cotton Pests and Diseases
  • Pest Management
  • Pest Scouting
  • Control of Sucking Pests
  • Control of Bollworms
  • Helicoverpa Management

Phase V

Phase VI

Duration: 17th Jul - 15th Oct

Points of Emphasis

  • Pest Management.
  • Pest Scouting.
  • Control of Sucking Pests
  • Control of Boll Worms
Duration: 16th Oct - 30th Oct

Points of Emphasis

  • Cotton Contamination