Research and Promotion of Medicinal Plants in Punjab

Main aim of the Government of Pakistan and Government of the Punjab is to enhance growth in the agriculture sector by facilitating agriculture productivity; increasing competitiveness in agriculture marketing and trade by providing conducive environment for private investment; and improving supply chain, value addition and value for money and export of food items; and also to motivate the potential farmer for production of targeted medicinal plants through provision of technical training and demonstration of specific medicinal plants. To enhance their productivity and profitability and by making linkages between the herbal industry and farmers for buying back contracts to purchase targeted crops. The specific objective of the project is to initiate research and to promote the cultivation of the medicinal plants in the conducive growing areas, having enabling environment by laying out of demonstration and capacity building of grower, to enhance the productivity and profitability of the growers by making buy back contracts among the herbal industry and growers for purchase of produced/targeted medicinal crops on competitive rates round the year.

Duration: 4 Years (July 2019 to June 2023)

Total Cost: 100 Million PKR

Allocation in 2019-20: 40 Million PKR

Physical Activities/Targets 

Agriculture Extension

Agriculture Extension activities/targets include:

  • 4 total physical target of survey of areas/zones for growing of medicinal plants for the project year
  • Only 1 physical target of constitution of technical committee for the year 2019-20
  • 24 is total physical targets of cluster formation
  • 2304 is total target of training of farmers 
  • 252 total physical target of demonstration
  • 252 total physical target of conduction of farmer days
  • 24 total physical target of seminar/workshop 
  • 5000 total physical target of printing of literature
  • 100 total physical target of training manual
  • 1000 total target of production technology (booklet)
  • 24 total physical target of awareness campaigns

Agriculture Research

Year-wise physical activities of the Agriculture Research are as under:

  • Only 1 target of purchase of seed for six crops (Saunf, Kalonji, Isabgol, Tulsi, Ajwain and Alsi)
  • 5180 total physical target of seed production of medicinal plants Saunf (960), Kalonji (960), Isbagol (320), Tulsi (970), Ajwaine (640) and Alsi (1330)
  • 108 total physical target of zonal trials of each medicinal plant of two kanal at each location
  • 18 total target of standardization of production technology
  • 4 total target of oil extraction of Kalonji, Tulsi and Alsi 
  • 120 total target of training of extension staff
  • 24 printing of broachers of  medicinal plant
  • 6 total target of farmer days (1 Faisalabad, 1 Bahawalpur, 1 Khanewal, 1 Karor, 1 Farooq Abad and 1 Pakpattan

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of the project are stated in the following:

  • 2520 acres will come under cultivation of medicinal plants
  • Recommended production technologies will be prepared for further provision to farming community
  • Continuation of training for back stopping of the farmers
  • Continuation for the capacity building of farmers to update their knowledge
  • Enhancement in the demonstration of technologies of targeted medicinal plants
  • Usage of recommended practices by the farmers
  • Usage of recommended practices by the farmers
  • Enhancement in adoption of quality seed
  • Better understanding between private sector and farmers
  • Adoption of recommended practices knowledge
  • Continuation of awareness for back stopping of the farmers

Contact Details of Focal Person

Shabbir Afzal Warraich
Director Agriculture (Horticulture)
Extension, Lahore
Phone: 042-99203454
Mobile: 0300-7936442