National Oilseed Enhancement Program

Government of Pakistan and Govt. of the Punjab have initiated this mega project under Prime Minister Agriculture Emergency Programme for Enhancing productivity and profitability through increase in yield of oilseeds with the objective to make oilseed crops, address low yields by enhancing oilseed production both vertically and horizontally, promote mechanization & provision of quality seeds and minimize input bill of oilseeds. Under this project 150 units of Planter/Drill, thresher modification for oilseed and combine header extensions will be given to farmers on subsidy and subsidy on 278600, 211400 and 360000 acres of sunflower, Canola and sesame seed will be given to farmers during 2019-20 to 2022-23.
Duration : July 2019-20 to June 2023-24 (5 Years)
Total Cost of Project : Rs. 5490.00 Million
Federal Share : Rs. 1998.182 Million
Punjab Share : Rs. 3116.817 Million
Allocation for 2019-20 : Rs. 565.463 Million

Physical Activities/Targets

  1. Provision of subsidy to farmers on 10 units of implements 
  2. Provision of subsidy on Canola @ Rs. 14,612/acre
  3. Provision of subsidy on Sunflower @ Rs. 37,224/acre
  4. Provision of subsidy on Sesame @ Rs. 28,800/acre
  5. Laying out of Demonstration Plots of Canola Crop 30 numbers per year
  6. Laying out of Demonstration Plots of Sunflower Crop 30 numbers per year
  7. Laying out of Demonstration Plots of Sesame Crop 10 numbers per year
  8. Provision of Agriculture implements/machinery to farmer on 50% subsidy  on 150 Nos. Planter Drill, 150 Thresher Modification for Oilseed and 150 Nos. Combine Header Extension for timely sowing of Oilseed crops.
  9. To promote certified Oil Seed of rust tolerant varieties will be get provided to farmers on 50% subsidy.
  10. Holding of 70 Mega Farmer Gathering 
  11. Publicity through Print and Electronic Media ​

Expected Outcome

Through implementation of this project intervention, per acre yield of Canola, Sunflower and Sesame would be increased. In this way net profit and income of farmers will increase and area retrieved from other crops will be utilized for sowing of Oilseeds crops. 

Contact details of focal person

Ch. Muhammad Muneer
Director of Agriculture (Ext.)HQ
o/o Director General Agriculture 
(Ext & AR), Punjab, Lahore