Community based Integrated Management of Pink Bollworm and Provision of Missing Facilities to Pest Warning Wing

The Project aims at demonstration of integrated management of Pink Bollworm in core and non-core tehsils of cotton districts resulting in productivity enhancement of cotton. The envisaged project targets would be achieved through demonstration for management of Pink Bollworm to farmers through Gossyplure (Ropes) and Sex-Pheromone traps installation at selected farmer fields, field demonstrations to promote a viable component of IPM techniques for effective PBW control and conservation of natural enemies, maintenance of Pink Bollworm moth catches data recorded on weekly intervals, communication with mobile alerts to farmers and policy makers about the hot spots identified manually as well as on the basis of eco-biological prediction models, publicity through use of print and electronic media, provision of laptops/tablet PCs to field officers of pest warning for recording and processing Gossyplures and Pheromone traps data, provision of motorcycles to Agricultural Officers (PP), Field Assistants and Pest Surveyors on peri purchase basis for pest scouting, data collection of Gossyplures and Pheromone traps, and increased farmers income through increased crop productivity.

Duration: January 2017 to December 2019

Cost: 83.137 Million PKR

Targets Achieved

The targets achieved by this project are:

  • Gossyplures were installed (1 plot of 50 acres (120 wires/acre)) on 50 plots during 2017-18 and 2018-19, and on 54 plots during 2019-20  in 54 core and non-core tehsils of cotton zone
  • 270 Sex Pheromone traps were installed for monitoring of Gossyplures (1 per 10 acres) during each project year
  • 2000 Sex Pheromone traps were installed  for monitoring  of Pink Bollworm moths during each project year
  • 50 Farmer Days conducted on demonstration cites during each project year