National Program for Enhancing Profitability through Increasing Productivity of Rice

Government of Pakistan and Govt. of the Punjab have initiated this mega project under Prime Minister Agriculture Emergency Programme to enhance profitability of Rice farming through increasing productivity of Paddy upto 10 maunds/acre of Basmati and 20 maunds/acre of coarse Rice and to allocate area retrieved for oilseed and high value crops. Under this project 450 riding type trans planters, 250 walk after type rice trans planters, 450 nursery raising machines, 900 DSR Drills, 750 Rice Straw Choppers, 800 water tight rotavators and 2450 knapsack sprayers (Total 6050 no of machinery/implements) will be provided to farmers on subsidy. 1242723 maunds certified Rice seed and weedicide for 725000 acres will be given to farmers on subsidy during 2019-20 to 2023-24 leading to productivity enhancement of Rice.
Duration:  2019-20 to 2023-2024 (5 years)
Total Project Cost = 9,988.38 Million (Govt. Share = 6,327.760 Million + Farmer’s Share = 3,660.628 Million)

Physical Activities/Targets

  1. Provision of following Agricultural Machinery/Implements on 50 % cost sharing basis: 
a) Riding type Transplanters (450 Nos.)
b) Walk-after type Transplanters (250 Nos.)
c) Nursery Raising Machines (450 Nos.)
d) Direct Seeding Rice Drills (900 Nos.)
e) Water Tight Rotavator (800 Nos.)
f) Rice Straw Chopper + Disc Plow/MB Plow sets (750 Nos.)
g) Knapsack Power Sprayer (2450 Nos.)
  1. Provision of Certified Seed on 50% cost sharing basis (229,285 Mounds)
  2. Establishment of Demonstration Plots for showcasing (3,625 Nos.)
  3. Provision of Financial Assistance to farmers @ Rs.1500/Acre for promoting Paddy Specific Harvesters (453,518 acres)
  4. Provision of Weedicides on 30% cost sharing basis (725,200 acres)
  5. Mega Farmer’s gatherings by Punjab Govt. (180 Nos.)
  6. Provision of Micronutrients on 50% cost sharing basis (181,300 acres)
  7. Appreciation of best rice growers at District level &Provincialthrough Rice yield competition (240 Nos.) 

 Expected Outcomes

  • Increase share of rice in national GDP.
  • Employment generation and business development opportunities.
  • Increase in income levels of farming community specifically and non-farming community in general.
  • Improvement in living standards of rural as well as urban communities.
  • Improvement in quality of rice (as a result of certified seed).
  • Improvement in international competitiveness due to decreased cost of production as a result of increased per acre yield.

Contact Detail of focal person for the project

Ch. Abdul Ghafoor

Director of Agri. Coordination (FT & AR) Punjab, Lahore
Email. Address, Contact # 041-99200741