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National Program for Enhancing Profitability through Increasing Productivity of Rice

Duration:  2019-20 to 2023-2024 (5 years)
Total Project Cost = 9,988.38 Million (Govt. Share = 6,327.760 Million + Farmer’s Share = 3,660.628 Million)
Physical Activities/Targets
  1. Provision of following Agricultural Machinery/Implements on 50 % cost sharing basis: 
a) Riding type Transplanters (450 Nos.)
b) Walk-after type Transplanters (250 Nos.)
c) Nursery Raising Machines (450 Nos.)
d) Direct Seeding Rice Drills (900 Nos.)
e) Water Tight Rotavator (800 Nos.)
f) Rice Straw Chopper + Disc Plow/MB Plow sets (750 Nos.)
g) Knapsack Power Sprayer (2450 Nos.)
  1. Provision of Certified Seed on 50% cost sharing basis (229,285 Mounds)
  2. Establishment of Demonstration Plots for showcasing (3,625 Nos.)
  3. Provision of Financial Assistance to farmers @ Rs.1500/Acre for promoting Paddy Specific Harvesters (453,518 acres)
  4. Provision of Weedicides on 30% cost sharing basis (725,200 acres)
  5. Mega Farmer’s gatherings by Punjab Govt. (180 Nos.)
  6. Provision of Micronutrients on 50% cost sharing basis (181,300 acres)
  7. Appreciation of best rice growers at District level &Provincialthrough Rice yield competition (240 Nos.) 
 Expected Outcomes
  • Increase share of rice in national GDP.
  • Employment generation and business development opportunities.
  • Increase in income levels of farming community specifically and non-farming community in general.
  • Improvement in living standards of rural as well as urban communities.
  • Improvement in quality of rice (as a result of certified seed).
  • Improvement in international competitiveness due to decreased cost of production as a result of increased per acre yield.
Contact Detail of focal person for the project
Ch. Abdul Ghafoor
Director of Agri. Coordination (FT & AR) Punjab, Lahore
Email. Address, Contact # 041-99200741