National Program for Enhancing Profitability through Increasing Productivity of Sugarcane

Government of Pakistan and Govt. of the Punjab have initiated this mega project under Prime Minister Agriculture Emergency Programme for enhancing productivity and profitability through increase in sugarcane production and retrieve area for other crops through harnessing modern R&D and mechanization technologies. Under this project 2291 chisel plough, 1142 early hill up implement, 450 sugarcane planters and 1142 granular pesticides applicators will be provided to farmers on subsidy and 2960 D-Plots on good agricultural practices will be laid out for showcasing the technologies leading to productivity enhancement of sugarcane crop.

Duration:  2019-20 to 2023-2024 (5 years)

Total cost (Govt) 2048.930 Million

Allocation in 2019-20 746.000

Physical Activities/ Targets

  1. No. of implements to be distributed on 50% subsidy = 5025
  2. No. of demonstration plots established = 2960
  3. No. of mega farmer gatherings to be held = 270
  4. No. of farmer days to be held = 986
  5. No. of acres subsidized for zinc sulphate = 297010
  6. No. of acres subsidized for inter cropping September planting = 13000
  7. No. of sugarcane yield competition winner farmer rewarded = 168
  8. No. of Bio-agent cards to be increased over annual target = 1012500

Expected Outcome

Increase of yield @ 200 maunds/acres 

Contact Detail of Focal Person for Project

Name: Dr. Muhammad Anjum Ali

Designation: Director Director General Agriculture (Ext. & A.R) Punjab

Contact No: Office # 042-99200732