National Program for Enhancing Profitability through Productivity Enhancement of Wheat (under Prime Minister Agriculture Emergency Program)

Government of Pakistan and Govt. of The Punjab have initiated this mega project under Prime Minister Agriculture Emergency Programme for Enhancing productivity and profitability through increase in yield upto 7 mds/acre to reduce cost of production, ensure food security, export for surplus and retrieve area for oilseed and high value crops to minimize import bills on edible oil. Under this Project subsidy on 216457 Ton certified wheat seed, 259832 Ton of Gypsum, 99900 Hectare of Jantar sowing and incorporation in soil, 15435 Nos of Agriculture implements/machinery and Weedicides for 4793400 Hectare will be provided to farmers upto 2023-24 leading to productivity enhancement of wheat.
Duration : July 2019-20 to June 2023-24 (5 Years)
Total Cost of Project : Rs.12535.00 Million
Federal Share : Rs.3098.088 Million
Punjab Share : Rs.9445.912 Milion
Allocation for 2019-20 : Rs.1743.937 Million

Physical Activities/Targets:-

  1. Provision of 25983 M Ton of Gypsum to Farmers on 50% subsidy in 11 Districts for reclamation of 86611 acre of salt affected land 
  2. Provision of incentive @ Rs.1440/acre for growing & incorporation of Jantar in 246735 acre land to improve Soil Organic matter.
  3. Provision of Agriculture implements/machinery to farmer on 50% subsidy for promotion of mechanized/drill sowing and timely sowing of wheat. For this purpose 4007 Zero Tillage Drills, 6680 Dry Sowing Drills, 2374 Water Sowing Drills, 1187 Bed Planters and 1187 Slasher will be given to farmer on 50% subsidy.
  4. To promote certified and Treated Wheat Seed of rust tolerant varieties will be get provided to farmers on 50% subsidy.
  5. Provision of weedicide to farmers on subsidy for 11.840 Million acre to control weeds from wheat fields 
  6. Holding of 300 Mega Farmer Gathering 
  7. Publicity through Print and Electronic Media 

Expected Outcome

Through implementation of these project intervention, per acre wheat yield would increase by 7 mounds/acre (existing 31 mounds per acre and expected 38 mounds per acre). In this way net profit and income of farmers will increase and area retrieved from wheat will be utilized for sowing of Oilseeds crops 

Contact details of focal person

Dr. Muhammad Aslam 
Agriculture Economist (HQ) 
o/o Director General Agriculture 
(Ext & AR), Punjab, Lahore